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Watch The Video, Flat Belly Code & Love Your Flat Belly

Buy it Now! Look your best. It seems like everywhere you look nowadays, guys and girls have abs. Every time I turn on the TV or look at a magazine cover, all I see is some guy and girls with no body hair and a ripped stomach. Since when did that become the norm!? I can’t tell you how frustrating that is for an average person like me to have this shoved in my face everywhere we look. I’ve done my share of ab exercises at the gym, at home and tried to eat right and I’ve never even come close to seeing one ab muscle on my flabby belly. I was going to be turning 47 soon and since that is such a big milestone in my life I wanted to see if I could make a dramatic change. Instead of throwing in the towel and living the rest of my life with my “mom nobs”, what if I tried to get in the best shape of my life? I would do anything it takes, I was ready for a serious struggle. But the thought of seeing my abs for the first time in my life at age 47 filled me with motivation and simple steps