Shape Up Indoors Training For Cyclists

       Indoor Training For Cyclists.

             Get in Shape Indoors When You Can't Ride Outdoors!

     The How's and Why's of Indoor Training 
Includes 50 Indoor Training Workouts 

Do you dread climbing on your indoor trainer?

Are there many days where you can't get out to ride, due to lack of daylight,
bad weather, 
or other obligations?
Would you like to improve your fitness over the winter and come back stronger than ever next spring?

Do you wish your indoor training could be more like riding outdoors?
Indoor Training For Cyclists is an eBook which tells you the How's and Why's of indoor training, and makes indoor training as enjoyable and beneficial as possible!.
It discusses the reasons for indoor training, including times when the weather is good! Believe it or not, there are times when training indoors is more effective than training outdoors. It reviews the various types of indoor training sessions and covers the types of indoor trainers.   

Most importantly, this eBook shows you how to design an indoor training workout to get the most out for your time spent.  Most of the workouts are one hour or less yet provide you with a workout better than many outdoors rides you probably do.

Indoor training is a must if you want to become a stronger, more fit or more competitive cyclist.  There are many reasons keeping you from training outdoors all the time, so get this eBook and learn how to make your indoor training time pay off.

It's possible to gain fitness training indoors and many cyclists rely on it to maintain and improve this cycling ability due to time
constraints and weather. This eBook shows you how to set up your indoor cycling area with all the necessary accessories to allow you the best training experience possible, and it provides a wide variety of 50 different workouts to help keep your indoor training interesting and to challenge you to become a better cyclist.

This book is a great companion to the pre-built Training Plans and with my customized coaching training plans available at ====> HERE!

Contains 50 indoor training workouts for leg speed, endurance, time trialing, anaerobic fitness, strength and power, and recovery.



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